Install Laravel UI for Authentication Scaffolding

10 May 2024 Balmiki Mandal 0 Larvel

Install Laravel UI Package

The command composer require laravel/ui will install the Laravel UI package into your Laravel project. This package provides a quick way to generate common user interface components for authentication, such as login, registration, and password reset functionalities.

Here's a breakdown of the process:

  1. Installation:

    • Open your terminal and navigate to your Laravel project directory.
    • Run the command composer require laravel/ui.
  2. Choosing a UI Framework (Optional):

    • By default, Laravel UI uses Bootstrap for styling. If you prefer a different framework, you can specify it during generation.
  3. Generating Scaffolding:

    • Once installed, you can generate the authentication scaffolding using Artisan commands. There are two options:
      • php artisan ui bootstrap: This generates the scaffolding with Bootstrap styling.
      • php artisan ui bootstrap --auth (Recommended): This generates the scaffolding with Bootstrap styling and includes additional functionalities for user authentication.
  4. Frontend Dependencies:

    • After generating the scaffolding, you'll need to install the frontend dependencies:
      • npm install
      • npm run dev (or your project's specific command to compile frontend assets)
  5. Database Migrations:

    • Laravel UI might include database migrations for user accounts. Run the migrations to create the necessary tables in your database:
      • php artisan migrate

Additional Notes:

  • Make sure you have Composer installed on your system.
  • The specific version of laravel/ui compatible with your Laravel project might differ. Check the Laravel documentation for recommended versions based on your Laravel version.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions about Laravel UI or the installation process.

BY: Balmiki Mandal

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