Embark on a journey through Prolog, the versatile logic programming language, starting from the very basics and progressing to advanced levels in 2023-2024. Master the art of logical reasoning and problem-solving with Prolog, unlocking its potential in artificial intelligence, expert systems, and more

Course Timeline:
This lession include ,What is Prolog, Historical background and significance, Prolog's role in artificial intelligence and logic programming
This lession Include ,Syntax and structure of Prolog programs.
This session include ,Defining and using facts, Constructing rules and relationships, Recursive rules and their significance, Rule ordering and backtracking.
This session include Writing and executing queries, Unification and pattern matching, Multiple solutions and backtracking in Prolog programming
This Lession include Control Structures, Conditionals in Prolog (if-else),Cut operator (!) and its implications, Handling negation (not).
This lession include Working with Data Structures, Working with tuples and structures, Defining and manipulating complex data, Implementing data-driven decisions.
This lession include, Built-in Predicates, Commonly used built-in predicates, Arithmetic and comparison predicates, Input/output predicates (read, write).
this includes. Advanced Unification and Constraints: Advanced unification techniques,Constraint logic programming in Prolog.
This include ,Introduction to DCGs, Defining and using DCGs for natural language processing.
This Lession include Meta-programming and Reflection, Generating and manipulating Prolog code within Prolog, Reflection and introspection.
This Lession Include Debugging techniques in Prolog,Tracing and profiling Prolog programs,Strategies for optimizing Prolog programs.
This include Interfacing with Other Languages: Interfacing Prolog with other programming languages, Embedding Prolog in applications.
This Include, Prolog in artificial intelligence, Expert systems and knowledge representation, Natural language processing with Prolog, Constraint logic programming applications.
This Include: Tabling and memoization, Handling non-logical behavior, Constraint handling rules.
This Lession Include Future Directions and Trends: Recent developments in Prolog,Integration with modern programming paradigms.
This Include 10+ project ex. chess, puzzles,English to Spanish.

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